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I know that setting up a new – or especially your very first – planner can seem like a daunting task. That is why I created the Journaltastisch Planner. It not only includes 60 printables to make planning highly productive for YOU. It also comes with a 7-day challenge to get you started as well as a detailed printing guide - since I know this can be a huge hustle if you don't know what needs to be done. I have been using this system for three years now and it not only helps me to stay on top of my personal to-do lists but it also enabled me to create a business I love and care about.

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"The Journaltastisch Planner has inspired me to create my own planner from scratch. No more boring and plain "to do" lists scattered over the house, but a beautifully illustrated journal that makes me want to get organised and helps me keep everything together. Don't know where I'd be without it."

- Holly, @littlemisstwinkletoes


This planner is meant to start your year off strong and keep going like this until the next one arrives. To make sure you are finally doing the things you always wanted to do, the Journaltastisch Planner comes with 60 hand-drawn printable pages.


The Journaltastisch Planner includes all the printables you need to make the next year highly productive. And since all layouts are completely un-dated you can re-use it year after year. Money saver right here :)

I wanted this planner to not only be a productivity booster but also a lot of fun to use. So it also comes with beautiful decorative pages and illustrated inspirational quotes. All planner pages are hand-drawn with a lot of care and an eye for detail.

Exciting 7-Day Challenge

If you finally want to get rid of your loose paper clutter & organize your life and business in just one planner this challenge is for you. And as a Journaltastisch Planner customer you will get instant access to it.

Step-by-Step Printing Guides

Additionally, this planner comes with a printing and cutting guide, so that no matter if you want to use a bound notebook or a binder you can set up this planner easily.

No One Size Fits All

Which is why this planner will come in US Half Letter, US Letter, A5 as well as A4 size.

"I tried creating my own planner from scratch a few years ago and found it really helped me to get on top of things. But seeing everyone’s fantastic spreads and creativity made me disheartened so I gave up. I’ve been following Sandra’s blog for a while, and love her ideas and creativity… and this year I’m going to put them into practice! It doesn’t matter that I can’t do my spreads, as she has already created wonderful ones that I can use, so I purchased her bundle!! I’m so excited to be planning and journaling and I think the habit tracker is going to help a lot!! I’m also looking forward to finally logging all my projects that I’ve started, not finished, need to finish or plan to do. Thank you for sharing, Sandra!"

- Helen, @Karnastitch

Made For Planner Enthusiasts All Over The World

Worried you are stuck with a planner that starts on Monday even if you prefer Sunday as the first day of your week? Anxious that you need to re-format US Letter sized files to A4? Totally unnecessary, since I made sure to include versions for all your needs!

"I love the Journaltastisch Planner. It makes my set up so much easier as I am fairly new to the whole world of planner creation. It really has helped me understand what is good to include and enables me to print out the pages I need. I especially love that I can add my own colours!"

- Pippa, @pippad1977

Your Instructor

Sandra Zint
Sandra Zint

The day I created my own personal planner from scratch I had no idea how much it would change for me. I finally stopped putting my big goals on the backburner and instead tackled them head-on. Which not only resulted in building an online business I love but also let a lifelong dream turn into reality: publishing my first book! This only was possible because I finally had a planner that allowed me to use my time efficiently, emptied my desk, and made sure my many ideas weren’t scattered all over the place covered in dust. Instead, they are well documented and always easy to access. I truly believe that you can get there too and I’m here to help you!

My lifes mission is to help busy dreamers send their productivity through the roof with thoughtfully designed and beautifully hand-drawn printable planners.

Have a Peek

Scroll down to see all pages included in the Journaltastisch Planner. Many of them come in different variations, to make it easier for you to adjust them to your personal needs.

"This is my second year purchasing the Journaltastisch Planner and I love it! I am a digital journalist and use the pdf format in GoodNotes and love the ease and set up. I was so lost in finding a direction and so unorganized before I got this planner. My life has gotten so much more organized since I have purchased this planner. I will continue to purchase both planner bundles in the future! Simply wonderful!"

- Alexandra, @RaynbowLexa

Courses Included with Purchase

Get Totally Organized
with this 7-Day eCourse
Sandra Zint
The Beginners Guide to Printing Planner Pages
So you can get to the fun part easily
Sandra Zint

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the Journaltastisch Planner?
How does lifetime access sound? After purchasing, you have unlimited access to this planner for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Any software or hardware requirements?
The only thing you need is access to a desktop computer or laptop. Since the files are packed into a zip-file to save you a ton of time. Downloading each separate layout individually is no fun, is it? :) PS: Don't worry if you never have unpacked a zip-file before, a tutorial is included. And believe me, it only takes a second.

"I was experimenting with creating my own planner from scratch for a while. But I couldn’t figure out how to combine my store-bought planner with my own creation. Additionally, I didn’t have the time to draw creative pages continuously, which meant I stopped using my self-made planner completely. Since I bought the Journaltastisch Planner, I have used it every single day. Never before was I so happy with a planner, since the ones I tried before have never functioned as well for me as this one does!"

- Maya, @Prudent.maya

Get rid of all your loose papers and multiple calendars. And create a planner which is unique and perfect for you.

Makes pen and paper planning fun again!

Journaltastisch Planner

  • 60 Essential Planner Pages
  • Step-by-Step Print & Cut Guide
  • Access to the 7-Day Challenge
  • Sizes included are
    • US Half Letter,
    • US Letter,
    • DIN A5 &
    • DIN A4
    • Binders and
    • Notebooks
  • Sunday & Monday Start-of-the-Week Layouts Included
  • All Planner Pages are Undated, meaning you can Reuse them Year after Year

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